Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

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Recently, the Gujarat State Board for Wildlife (GSBWL) deferred a decision on a proposal of the Gujarat State Minerals Development Corporation (GSDMA) seeking more land for “removing manganese dump” from the eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) of Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary in Panchmahal district.

About Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary: 


  • It is located in Gujarat’s south-central part.
  • Vegetation: It contains Grasslands, water-borne plants, medicinal herbs, dry southern tropical rain forests, dry deciduous mixed and secondary forests, dry scrubs of the deciduous type.
  • Flora: Teak, mahua and bamboo thickets cover the length and breadth of the forest.
  • Fauna: Wild boars, nilgais (blue bull), jackals, hyenas, barking deer, sloth bears, and chausinghas (four-horned antelope) and leopards.


What are Eco-Sensitive Zones?

  • Land within 10 km of the boundaries of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are to be notified as eco-fragile zones or Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZ).
  • While the 10-km rule is implemented as a general principle, the extent of its application can vary.
  • Areas beyond 10-km can also be notified by the Union government as ESZs, if they hold larger ecologically important “sensitive corridors”.


Why are Eco-Sensitive Zones created?

  • They are created as “shock absorbers” for the protected areas, to minimize the negative impact on the “fragile ecosystems” by certain human activities taking place nearby.
  • Furthermore, these areas are meant to act as a transition zone from areas requiring higher protection to those requiring lesser protection.


Q1) What is Tropical rainforest?

Tropical rainforests are lush, biodiverse ecosystems found near the equator, where warm temperatures, high humidity, and abundant rainfall create a unique environment that supports an incredible variety of plant and animal life. These rainforests are often referred to as the "lungs of the Earth"

Source: Decision deferred as concerns raised over Jambughoda Sanctuary