Kamikaze drone

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In the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Russia's utilization of the Lancet Kamikaze drone, which incorporates American AI technology, highlights complex global supply chain issues.

About Kamikaze drone

  • These are small unmanned aircraft packed with explosives that can be flown directly at a tank or a group of troops that are destroyed when it hits the target and explodes.
  • These are also called Switchblade drones.
  • The name comes from the World War 2 era’s feared Japanese kamikaze pilots, who conducted suicide attacks by intentionally crashing their explosive filled aircraft into enemy targets.
  • Features
    • The modern drone versions have the capability of surpassing traditional defences to strike their targets and are also cheaper than their larger counterparts.
    • The small lethal drones are difficult to detect on radar, and through the use of facial recognition, can be programmed to hit targets without human intervention.
  • Although the US Kamikaze might be the most advanced in this class of drones, Russia, China, Israel, Iran and Turkey all have some versions of it.

What is the Lancet-3 drone?

  • It is a type of loitering munition, which integrates the Jetson TX2 — described by Nvidia as the most power-efficient embedded AI computing device.

Q1: What is an explosive?

It is any substance or device that can be made to produce a volume of rapidly expanding gas in an extremely brief period. There are three fundamental types: mechanical, nuclear, and chemical.

Source: Russia's killer Lancet drone are running on US AI'