Katepurna Wildlife Sanctuary

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A total of 309 wildlife and birds were spotted at the recent Nature Experience Initiative (Animal Census) carried out at Katepurna Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Katepurna Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • Location: It is located in Akola District of Maharashtra.
  • This Sanctuary area is the catchment of Katepurna Reservoir, and it forms an aquatic habitat for many floral and faunal species.
  • The sanctuary derives its name from the Katepurna River, which flows south to Northward almost through the central part of the sanctuary.
  • Landscape: It is undulating and offers an interesting contrast between the plateau and the plains.
  • Vegetation: Southern tropical dry deciduous forest.
  • Flora:
    • The main species are Ain, Dhawada, Kalamb, Salai, Haldu, Medshing, Tendu etc.
    • Trees of Vad, Umber, Arjun, and Kalamb are found in moist areas.
  • Fauna:
    • It is renowned for its four-horned antelope and barking deer.
    • Other animals that you can see at the sanctuary include black buck, leopard, wolf, wild boar, hyena, hare, nilgai, jungle cat and monkey.


Q1) What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

A Wildlife Sanctuary can be termed as a large geographical piece of land, usually forested, where animals are kept in their natural habitats. The primary purpose of designating areas as a Wildlife Sanctuary is to provide a shelter or refuge to the animals so that they can live and thrive in their natural homes. A Wildlife Sanctuary also insulates animals from being killed by poachers or from other more fierce animals.   

Source: Akola: Nature enthusiasts spot 309 animals during Katepurna Sanctuary initiative