What is Kavro Doma 360?

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Kanpur-based MKU Limited recently unveiled the Kavro Doma 360 at Milipol Paris.

About Kavro Doma 360

  • It is the world-first rifle-rated ballistic helmet.
  • It was indigenously developed by Kanpur-based MKU Limited.
  • Features:
    • World’s first uniform rifle protection helmet: It offers uniform protection in all 5 zones of the head (front, back, left, right, and crown) against threats like the AK-47 MSC, M80 NATO BALL, and M193 rifle bullets.
    • Only boltless rifle protection helmet to date:
      • It’s the first anti-rifle helmet in the world that does not have bolts or any metal parts.
      • When a helmet is bolted, the risk of the bolt penetrating the skull on impact is higher due to weakened areas. 
      • Furthermore, there are no rifle-rated bolts at the moment.
      • It has a boltless shell, which means it provides 40% more protection area against even AK-47 assault rifles than standard helmets.
    • 20mm Back Face Signature (Blunt Impact Trauma): 
      • It’s the first rifle-rated helmet that can maintain a resulting Back Face Signature/Trauma of less than 20 mm, against bullet impact from AK-47 bullets.
      • The ‘Back Face Signature’ is a way to measure how much a protective helmet deforms or indents on the inside due to the impact of a high- energy bullet. 
      • The Kavro Doma 360 absorbs impact, substantially reducing the risk of injury due to resulting trauma to the wearer’s head.
    • Advanced Harness System with Dynamic Impact Technology: 
      • It provides protection from not just straight impacts but also rotational/angular impacts, which are known to cause concussions or brain injuries.
      • In addition, it comes with top-to-chin and side-to-side harness adjustment functionality for the highest stability and a snug fit.
    • Maximum Compatibility (with MACS): It allows seamless integration with all advanced head-mounted devices and combat equipment.

Q1) What are assault rifles?

Assault rifles are lightweight, magazine-fed firearms that are designed for short-range engagements. They are capable of firing intermediate cartridges and are known for their versatility and effectiveness in various combat situations. The term "assault rifle" is often used to describe a specific type of military firearm that combines features of both rifles and submachine guns.The most commonly known assault rifles today are the AK series that originated in Russia, and U.S. military equivalents based on Eugene Stoner’s original AR 15 design.

Source: MKU Limited Shakes the World with Launch of New Rifle Protection Helmet