Kawal Tiger Reserve

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During the recent Asian Water Bird Census (AWC) 2023, more than 340 birds of various species, were counted in the water bodies within the core area of the Kawal Tiger Reserve.

About Kawal Tiger Reserve:

  • Kawal Tiger Reserve is located in North Eastern part of Telangana (Old Adilabad district) having the Godavari River on one side and the Maharashtra border on the other side. 
  • Government of India declared Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary as Tiger Reserve in 2012.
  • This sanctuary is the catchment for the rivers Godavari and Kadam, which flow towards the south of the sanctuary. 
  • It is a central Indian Tiger Landscape having – a southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest.
  • Flora: It consists of predominantly teak and bamboo are found here.
  • Fauna: Mammal species that have been sighted include tiger, leopard, Indian gaur, cheetal, sambar, nilgai etc.


Q1) Where does the river Godavari originate?

The river Godavari rises at an elevation of 1,067 m in the Western Ghats near the Triambak Hills in the Nasik district of Maharashtra.

Source: Rare species were seen during Asian Water Bird Survey 2023 in Kawal Reserve