Kharchi Puja

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Recently, The Prime Minister of India greeted people on the occasion of Kharchi Puja.

About Kharchi Puja:


  • It is one of the main festivals of Tripura.
  • It is performed during the months of July-August on the eighth day of the new moon.
  • The meaning of Kharchi can be understood by splitting the word into two Tripuri words “Khar” or Kharta meaning sin and “Chi” or si meaning cleaning. Hence it signifies the cleansing of our sins. 
  • It occurs during the month of ‘Ashad’ on the ‘Shukla Ashtami’ day.
  • The fourteen Gods are worshipped by the Royal priest ‘Chantai.
  • It lasts for seven days and it takes place at old Agartala in the Fourteen Gods temple known as the ‘Chaturdasha Devata’ temple premises.
  • The Kharchi Puja deities do not have a full body; they have only heads which are worshipped.
  • On the day of the puja, the fourteen Gods are taken from the temple to the river Saidra by the Chantai members and given bathe with the holy river water, then carried back to the temple. 
  • This festival's customs are completely related to the authentic Tripuri traditions.


Q1) What is special about the  Kokborok language?

Kokborok is an indigenous language spoken by the Tripuri people, who are the original inhabitants of the Indian state of Tripura. It is primarily spoken in Tripura and some parts of neighboring states in northeastern India.


Source: PM conveys best wishes on Kharchi Puja