King Penguin live on Antarctic and sub –Antarctic.

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King Penguin live on Antarctic and sub –Antarctic. Blog Image


A recent study in the Antarctic reveals that king penguins are threatened by climate change.

About King Penguin

  •  They are the 2nd largest penguin species.
  • Habitat- They live on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands. Major colonies are found on Crozet, Prince Edward Island, Kerguelen Island, Heard Island, South Georgia and Macquarie Island.
  • King penguins don't make a nest and they carry their egg around with them at all times on top of their feet by taking turns.
  • Conservation Status: According to IUCN it is under the category of Least Concern. 
  • Threats: Climate change, habitat shifting and southward shifting of the Antarctic 


Q1) What is the IUCN status of Emperor Penguin?

The Emperor penguin is categorised as near threatened by the IUCN  2012.

Source: They survived the hunters: Now king penguins face climate change