Kol Tribe

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Prelims: Art & Culture
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About Kol Tribe:

  •  The Kol tribes belonged to the Proto-Australoid ethnic stratum.
  • They consider themselves to be the descendants of Sahara Mata, a member of the Savaras of epic fame; she is known as the "mother of the Kol." 
  •  They are concentrated in the northern districts of Madhya Pradesh and Small Kol populations are also found in Orissa and Maharashtra.
  • The Kol speak local dialects of Hindi and use the Devanagari script for writing.
  •  They celebrate the Jawara festival which appears to be an ancient Kol agricultural festival that later acquired some Hindu characteristics.
  • The name is derived from the juari plant, a type of millet. Jawara is held twice a year, in the fall just before the sowing of the winter crop, and in the spring after it has been harvested.

What is Kol Revolt/uprising?

  • The Kols, tribal people from the Chhota Nagpur area, rose in revolt against the British in 1831.
  • The rebel kols were under the leadership of Buddhu Bhagat, Joa Bhagat, Jhindrai Manki, Madara Mahato  fought against British rules.


Q1) Who are the Proto-Australoids?

The Proto-Australoids-Perhaps the people belonging to the Proto-Australoid race came here just after the Negritos. Their sources are Australian aborigines. They are settled in central India from the Rajmahal hills to the Aravalis. Santhal, Bhil, Gond, Munda, Oraon etc 

Source:  Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah addressed the 'Kol Janjati Mahakumbh' organized on the occasion of Shabri Mata Janm Jayanti at Satna, Madhya Pradesh today