Lambani Embroidery Patches

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Recently, as part of the third G20 culture working group (CWG) meeting in Hampi, a Guinness world record was created for the ‘largest display of Lambani items.

Why in news?


  • Over 450 women artisans and cultural practitioners from Lambani community inhabiting Karnataka came together to create embroidered patches with Sandur Lambani embroidery, creating 1,755 patchwork pieces.


About Lambani embroidery patches: 

  • The Lambani embroidery is an intricate form of textile embellishment characterized by colourful threads, mirror-work and stitch patterns.
  • It is practiced in several villages of Karnataka such as Sandur, Keri Tanda, Mariyammanahalli, Kadirampur etc.
  • The Lambani craft tradition involves stitching together small pieces of discarded fabric to create a beautiful fabric. 
  • This embroidery had also found a place in the list of products with Geographic Indication (GI) tag in the country.


Key Facts about Lambani People

  • The Lambanis are also known as Banjaras and most of them are found in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states in South India.
  • This community settled across the country with different names, have permanently abandoned their nomadic lifestyle and settled in their settlements called Tandas.
  • They speak Gor Boli also called Lambadi which belongs to the Indo-Aryan Group of Languages. Lambadi has no script.
  • They celebrate the festival of Teej during Shravanam (in the month of august). In this festival young unmarried Banjara girls pray for a good groom.
  • Fire dance and Chari are the traditional dance forms of the banjara people.


Q1) What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the art or craft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread. It involves creating decorative designs, patterns, or images by stitching various types of stitches onto a base fabric. Embroidery can be done by hand or by using specialized sewing machines.

Source: At G20 meet, a Guinness effort to shine light on Karnataka’s Lambani craft