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Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Dr Jitendra Singh recently visited the 175 year old London Science Museum and shared the experience of the initiative of setting up similar science museums undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India.

About London Science Museum:

  • The Science Museum is a major museum on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London.
  • It was founded in 1857.
  • It covered both science and art, and it was not until 1909 that the two sections were formally separated; the arts section went on to form the core of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
  • The Science Museum’s displays are concerned with the presentation of science and its application to industry and everyday life, both historically and from a contemporary viewpoint.
  • Thus, it is possible to see key engines in the development of motive power or exhibits on the great medical advances made over time (the latter drawn from the museum’s extensive Wellcome collection).
  • Petroleum refining, time measurement, the development of computing, space exploration, the extraction and distribution of natural gas, the manufacture of iron and steel, and the development of aircraft are some of the subjects interpreted through the museum’s exhibits.


Q1) What is special about the Victoria and Albert Museum?

The Victoria and Albert Museum holds many of the UK's national collections and houses some of the greatest resources for the study of architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, jewellery, glass, ceramics, book arts, Asian art and design, theatre and performance.

Source: MoS for Science and Technology Dr Jitendra Singh visits 175 yr old London Science Museum