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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister will inaugurate the Machilipatnam port construction works at Manginapudi in Krishna district.

About Machilipatnam Port:

  • Location:
    • It is a proposed deep sea port on the coast of Bay of Bengal.
    • It is located at Machilipatnam, the District Headquarters of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The port is developed by the State Government under the landlord model at a cost of Rs 5,156 crore.
  • The project is being implemented by Machilipatnam Port Development Corporation Limited (MPDCL), a special purpose vehicle floated by the State government. 
  • The port is expected to have a capacity of 35 million tonnes in phase one, with four berths, including three general berths and one for coal. 
  • It would cater to exports of fertilizers, coal, cooking oil, containers, agricultural products, cement, granite, cement clinker, iron ore from Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring Telangana.

What is Landlord Port Model?

  • In this model, the publicly governed port authority acts as a regulatory body and as landlord while private companies carry out port operations—mainly cargo-handling activities.
  • Here, the port authority maintains ownership of the port while the infrastructure is leased to private firms that provide and maintain their own superstructure and install their own equipment to handle cargo.
  • In return, the landlord port gets a share of the revenue from the private entity.


Q1) What are deep water ports?

A deepwater port is a fixed or floating man-made structure, or a group of structures, other than a vessel, located beyond State seaward boundaries and used or intended for use as a port or terminal for the transportation, storage, and further handling of oil or natural gas for transportation to or from any State.

Source: Jagan to inaugurate Machilipatnam port construction works on Monday