Mahabali Frog

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Recently once again a proposal for assigning the official tag for the Mahabali frog to come up before the State Wildlife Advisory Board which was recommended by the Kerala Forest Department.

About Mahabali frog

  • The Mahabali frog is also known as the pignose frog.
  • It is endemic to the Western Ghat.
  • Habitat: These frogs prefer loose, damp and well-aerated soil close to ponds and ditches or streams.
  • Specific Traits of this frog
  • Unlike other frogs, it has very short hind legs, which do not allow it to leap from one spot to another.
  • It buries itself all through the year and surfaces only one day to lay eggs.
  • Conservation Status 
  • IUCN - Near Threatened


Q1) How many Ramsar sites are there in Kerala?

There are three Ramsar sites in Kerala namely, Vembanad Lake, Ashtamudi Lake and Sasthamkotta Lake in Kerala.

Source: Mahabali frog waiting for official recognition