Mahim Fort

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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) recently demolished more than 250 slums that had encroached inside the centuries-old Mahim Fort in a bid to make it suitable for redevelopment.

About Mahim Fort:

  • Location: It is a fort in Mahim in Mumbai, Maharashtra state.
  • The fort was built by Maharaja Pratapbimb of the Rajput dynasty in the 11th century AD.
  • History:
    • In 1516, Portuguese commander Dom Joao de Monoy entered the Mahim Creek and defeated the commander of the Mahim fort.
    • The fort was the site of frequent skirmishes between the Portuguese and the Ali Shah, a Gujarati ruler before the island of Mahim was appropriated from Bahadur Shah of Gujarat by the Portuguese in 1534.
    • In 1661, the Portuguese ceded the island of Mahim as dowry to Charles II of England. 
    • After the English gained control of the fort, it was strengthened by Sir Thomas Grantham in 1684 and became a strategic watchtower against possible Portuguese attacks and later from the Marathas.
    • In 1772, the Portuguese attempted to attack this fort, but they were repelled by the British with cannonballs.
  • Architecture:
    • The present structure seen here is the last modified structure by the British East India Company.
    • The building material used here is Sea rocks, limestones, and granite stones. 
    • This fort is unique for its masonry rock works
    • The total design of this fort looks square and rectangular shape when seen from the outer side.
    • The main fortification walls are built high and thick.
  • There are many bastions found on these walls, which are in a square model.


Q1) Who was  Bahadur Shah of Gujarat?

Qutb-ud-Din Bahadur Shah, born Bahadur Khan was a sultan of the Muzaffarid dynasty who reigned over the Gujarat Sultanate, a late medieval kingdom in India from 1526 to 1535 and again from 1536 to 1537. He ascended to the throne after competing with his brothers. He expanded his kingdom and made expeditions to help neighbouring kingdoms.

Source: BMC razes 267 slums inside Mahim Fort