Mammoth carbon capture Plant

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Recently, the world's largest facility designed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere started operations in Iceland.

About Mammoth carbon capture Plant:

  • It is the largest carbon dioxide capture and storage facility of its kind and launched operations. It is situated on a dormant volcano in Iceland.
  • It is dubbed as "Mammoth," this plant is Climeworks' second commercial direct air capture (DAC) facility in the nation and is significantly larger than its predecessor, Orca, which began in 2021.
  • Working:
    • This cutting-edge technology draws in air and chemically extracts carbon dioxide, which can then be stored underground, converted into stone, or reused.
    • The Swiss company Climeworks, in partnership with Icelandic company Carbfix, plans to sequester the captured carbon by turning it into stone beneath the earth's surface, utilizing Iceland’s abundant geothermal energy to power the process.

What is direct air capture?

  • This technology extracts CO2 directly from the atmosphere at any location, unlike carbon capture which is generally carried out at the point of emissions, such as a steel plant.
  • The CO2 can be permanently stored in deep geological formations or used for a variety of applications.

Q1: What is Carbon farming?

Carbon farming is a set of agricultural practices that aim to store carbon in the soil, plant material, wood, and leaves.

Source: Iceland's 'Mammoth' raises potential for carbon capture