Marine National Park (Gulf of Kutch)

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Prelims: Indian Geography
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About Gulf of Kutch National Park:

  • It is India’s first Marine Wildlife Sanctuary and first Marine National Park which were created in the Gulf of Kutch in 1980 and 1982, respectively.
  • It is an archipelago of 42 tropical islands along the northern coast of Jamnagar district and the southern coast of Kutch.
  • Some of the finest coral reef fringe islands are found at Pirotan, Narala, Ajad and Positara, with species of hard and soft coral.
  • Fauna: There are 7 species of mangrove which are breeding grounds for colonies of near-threatened species of birds such as the Painted Stork, Darter and Black-necked Ibis. Endangered Sea Turtles like the Green Sea, Oliver Riddley & Leather Back can also be found here.


Q1) What is the Gulf?

The Gulf is a portion of the sea that is almost surrounded by land except one narrow opening. Gulfs are formed when a giant rock collapses or when a piece of land sinks. This causes a big indentation in the area, and the water eventually fills it up. Gulfs are also formed through a natural process of erosion.
Source: CAG: Tata Chemicals’ open channel may affect the national park ecosystem