Marine National Park (Gulf of Kutch)

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A recent report from the Comptroller Auditor General of India (CAG) said that an open channel carrying treated effluent from Tata Chemicals Limited plant whose release in Marine National Park and Marine Sanctuary of Gulf of Kutch region may affect the inter-tidal organisms and coastal ecosystem.

About Gulf of Kutch National Park:

  • It is India’s first Marine Wildlife Sanctuary and first Marine National Park which were created in the Gulf of Kutch in 1980 and 1982, respectively.
  • It is an archipelago of 42 tropical islands along the northern coast of Jamnagar district and the southern coast of Kutch.
  • Some of the finest coral reef fringe islands are found at Pirotan, Narala, Ajad and Positara, with species of hard and soft coral.
  • Fauna: There are 7 species of mangrove which are breeding grounds for colonies of near-threatened species of birds such as the Painted Stork, Darter and Black-necked Ibis. Endangered Sea Turtles like the Green Sea, Oliver Riddley & Leather Back can also be found here.


Q1) What is the Gulf?

The Gulf is a portion of the sea that is almost surrounded by land except one narrow opening. Gulfs are formed when a giant rock collapses or when a piece of land sinks. This causes a big indentation in the area, and the water eventually fills it up. Gulfs are also formed through a natural process of erosion.
Source: CAG: Tata Chemicals’ open channel may affect the national park ecosystem