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About the Matua Community:

  • Matuas trace their ancestry to East Bengal, and many of them entered West Bengal after Partition and after the formation of Bangladesh. 
  • Today, Matuas constitute the second largest SC population of West Bengal.
  • The Matua community has members on either side of the Bengal border.
  • The Matua Mahasangha, a religious reform movement and a sect was formed by Harichand Thakur in East Bengal in the mid-1800s.
  • It is a Hindu reform movement which has a considerable number of adherents in West Bengal as well as in Bangladesh.


Q1) Who was Harichand Thakur?

Sri Sri Harichand Thakur was a Hindu monk known for his immense contribution for uplifting the untouchables in the undivided Bengal. He dedicated his whole life to bring salvation to the downtrodden and founded a sect of Vaishnavite Hinduism called “Matua”.

Source: PM urges people to visit Matua Maha Mela