‘Mission DefSpace’

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Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi recently launched Mission DefSpace in Gandhinagar.

About ‘Mission DefSpace’:

  • The space programme aims to develop innovative solutions for the Defence Forces through industry & startups.
  • Importantly, the initiative will prepare India for future possibilities in space domain and will also increase the country’s preparation further.
  • Under Mission DefSpace, 75 challenges are being opened to get innovative solutions, based on the defence requirements in the space domain.
  • The programme will focus on various challenges in this area that have been reviewed and identified by the three defence services.

Space diplomacy:

  • There are more than 60 developing countries with whom India is sharing its space science. Many African countries and many other small countries are benefiting from this.
  • The ‘South Asia satellite’ is an effective example of this. By next year, ten ASEAN countries will also get real-time access to India’s satellite data.


Source : The Hindu