Mount Semeru Volcano

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Mount Semeru volcano erupted recently triggering top alert status.

What is Mount Semeru Volcano?

  • It is located in Indonesia.
  • It is one of the East Java Island’s tallest volcano.
  • Semeru’s last major eruption was in December 2021.
  • Semeru, also known as Mahameru, has erupted numerous times in the past 200 years.
  • Indonesia:
    • An archipelago of 270 million that sits along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia is one of the most disaster-prone nations on earth.
    • Pacific “Ring of Fire”: It is a horseshoe-shaped series of fault lines, and is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity.
    • With 142 volcanoes, Indonesia has the largest population globally living in close range to a volcano, including 8.6 million within 10km (6.2 miles).


Q1) Which type of volcano is Mount Semeru?

Semeru is a stratovolcano composed of alternating layers of solidified lava, hardened ash, and volcanic rocks