What is Multi-Utility Legged Equipment (MULE)?

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What is Multi-Utility Legged Equipment (MULE)? Blog Image


The Indian Army unveiled the Multi-Utility Legged Equipment (MULE) at the North Tech Symposium 2023 held recently in Jammu.

About Multi-Utility Legged Equipment (MULE):

  • It is an autonomous load-bearing robot developed for the Indian Army.
  • It has been manufactured for human-less intervention to locate and eliminate terrorists.
  • Features:
    • It is embodied with 360-degree cameras and radars that would help the operator to detect any threat and use the firing platform to shoot it down.
    • It is an analog-faced machine, built with four legs and with a payload capacity of 12 kg.
    • The equipment can be either operated on Wi-Fi or Long-Term Evolution (LTE), making it workable for distances up to 10 km from the location.
    • It is controlled by an easy-to-operate remoter control.
    • A firing platform can also be integrated into it.
    • It is capable of taking up projects with pre-fed missions and is viable to be used in all terrains; it can be easily operated in snows and mountains as well.
    • It can climb mountains hassle-free at upto 45 degrees and climb steps as high as 18 cm.


North-Tech Symposium 2023:

  • It was jointly organised by the Indian Army's Northern Command, the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) and IIT-Jammu.
  • The event comprised exhibitions, product launches, one-on-one structured interactions, technical seminars, ideas and innovation displays, as well as military equipment displays.


Q1) What is a radar?

Radar, which stands for "Radio Detection and Ranging," is a technology that uses radio waves to detect, locate, track, and identify objects and targets in the atmosphere, on the Earth's surface, or in space. It is widely used in various applications, including meteorology, aviation, military defense, maritime navigation, and traffic control. Radar systems operate on the principle of emitting radio waves and then analyzing the echoes or reflections of those waves when they bounce off objects.