Namdapha Tiger Reserve

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Recently, a tiger spotted in the Namdapha Tiger Reserve after an eight-year gap could have helped uncover timber ‘depots’ deep inside India’s easternmost tiger reserve.

About Namdapha Tiger Reserve

  • Namdapha Tiger Reserve is located in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Namdapha is the name of a river which originates from Daphabum and meets the Noa-Dehing river.
  • This river flows right across in a North-South direction of the National Park and hence the name Namdapha has been given.
  • This protected area is wedged between the Dapha Bum ridge of Mishmi Hills, of North Eastern Himalayas and the Patkai Ranges.
  • Flora: Evergreen Forests, Moist deciduous forests, sub-tropical forests, Temperate Forests and Alpine. 
  • Fauna: Earthworms, Butterflies & Moths, Amphibians, Reptiles etc.


Q1) What is an Alpine Forest?

Alpine Forest starts at an elevation of above 3000 m and grows up to the region just below the snowline. They are common in both the main Himalayan regions as well as the barren cold deserts of the Tran Himalayas. Low alpine grasslands are common with vegetation not growing higher than 1.5m.

Source: Tiger helps uncover timber ‘depots’ in Arunachal Pradesh’s Namdapha National Park