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The Maharashtra cabinet decided to ask the Ministry of Railways to rename Mumbai Central station after Nana Jagannath Shankarseth. Mumbai Central, located in the heart of the city.

About Nana Jagannath Shankarseth

  • He was a social reformer, educationist, and philanthropist is often described as the “architect” of Mumbai (then Bombay).
  • He made extremely valuable contributions in terms of both ideas and money to multiple sectors, to lay a strong foundation for the city.
  • He was greatly inspired by the legendary merchant and philanthropist Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy.
  • He became the first Indian to be nominated to the Legislative Council of Bombay.

What are some of Shankarseth’s most significant contributions?

  • Education:
    • Shankarseth was deeply committed to the growth and spread of education in Bombay, and donated land owned by his family for educational institutions.
    • He founded the Native School of Bombay, which was renamed first as the Bombay Native Institution, and then as the Board of Education.
    • Finally, this institution evolved into the prestigious Elphinstone College.
  • Museum, Temples:
    • Shankarseth was among the wealthy donors who helped promote Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Byculla, which was designed by a famous London-based architect.
    • The Bhawani Shankar Temple near Nana Chowk was Shankarseth’s tribute to his late mother Bhawanibai Murkute.
  • Railways
    • The first train in India ran between Boribunder and Thane on April 16, 1853.
    • The 34-km project undertaken by the Great Indian Peninsular Railway Company.
    • The committee that gave the project impetus included Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy and Nana Shankarseth.

Q1) What is Philanthropy?

It is an effort an individual or organization undertakes based on an altruistic desire to improve human welfare, and wealthy individuals sometimes establish private foundations to facilitate their philanthropic efforts.

Source: Mumbai Central station could be named after Nana Jagannath Shankarseth: who was this social reformer celebrated as ‘architect’ of Mumbai?