National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India (NCCF)

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Hyperlocal e-commerce startup magicpin in a pact with NCCF recently started selling tomatoes for Rs.70 per kilogram through select online platforms registered on the government-backed ONDC

About National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India (NCCF):


  • It was established on 16th October 1965 to function as the apex body of consumer cooperatives in the country. 
  • It is an organization to promote consumer cooperative movement in the country, aspires to facilitate the voluntary formation and democratic functioning of cooperatives, based on self-reliance and mutual aid for overall economic betterment and financial autonomy.
  • It is registered under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002.
  • NCCF functions under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India.
  • Headquarters: New Delhi
  • Structure:
    • The management of NCCF vests in the Board of Directors. 
    • The ultimate authority of NCCF vests in the hands of the General Body.
    • Board of Directors exercises all the powers of NCCF except those reserved for General Body.
    • The current sanctioned strength of the Board of Directors is 21.


What is Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)?

  • It is an open-source network set up to enable buyers and sellers to transact with each other irrespective of the e-commerce platform on which either of them is registered.
  • It will enable local commerce across segments, such as mobility, grocery, food order and delivery, hotel booking and travel, among others, to be discovered and engaged by any network-enabled application.
  • It is an initiative of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • It comprises buyer-side apps where consumers can place orders, seller-side apps that onboard merchants and display their listings, and logistics platforms that handle deliveries.
  • Benefits:
    • It offers small retailers an opportunity to provide their services and goods to buyers across the country through an e-commerce system.
    • ONDC enables merchants to save their data to build credit history and reach consumers.
    • It is expected to digitise the entire value chain, promote the inclusion of suppliers, derive efficiencies in logistics and enhance value for consumers.
    • ONDC protocols would standardize operations like cataloguing, inventory management, order management and order fulfilment.


Q1) What is a  Co-operative Society?

A co-operative society is often a voluntary association of individuals who come together with the intention to work together and to promote their economic interest. These societies work on the principle of self-help as well as mutual help. The primary goal is to provide support to the members. The main purpose of a cooperative is to provide goods, services, or benefits to its members, who are also the owners and active participants in the cooperative's activities.

Source: Magicpin starts selling tomatoes for Rs 70 per kg through ONDC partners