National Dental Commission Bill, 2023

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The government recently introduced the National Dental Commission Bill, 2023, in the Lok Sabha.

National Dental Commission Bill, 2023


  • The Bill seeks to repeal the Dentists Act, of 1948.
  • The bill also aims to make dental education affordable and make quality oral healthcare accessible.
  • It seeks to replace the Dental Council of India with the National Dental Commission (NDC).
  • National Dental Commission (NDC):
    • It will draft policies and maintain quality standards in dental education and the profession.
    • The new commission will also regulate fees for 50% seats in private dental colleges.
    • Composition:
      • The composition of the NDC will be similar to that of the National Medical Commission (NMC), which had replaced the Medical Council of India.
      • The head office of the National Dental Commission shall be at New Delhi and it will consist of a chairperson; eight ex officio members; and 24 part-time members
      • They will be appointed by the central government.
      • Members of NMC, health ministry, AIIMS, New Delhi will be among the eight ex-officio members.
      • Out of 24 part-time members, a total of 19 members will be appointed on rotational basis from amongst the nominees of the states and union territories for two years.
      • Other five members who will be appointed for four years will include two dental faculties from any central or state or autonomous government institutes; three members who have special knowledge and professional experience in areas including management, law, medical ethics, health research, consumer or patient rights advocacy, science and technology and economics.
  • According to Bill, the commission’s members will declare their assets and liabilities at the time of entering and demitting office and also declare all professional and commercial engagements.
  • Dental Advisory Council:
    • Under the provisions of the bill, the central government will constitute an advisory body – the Dental Advisory Council
    • The council will advise the commission and will also be the platform through which states and UTs will put forth their views.
    • It will also advise the Commission on measures to “enhance equitable access to dental education and uniform system of examination.”
  • The Bill will make provision for a exit test for dentists on the lines of the National Exit Test that is likely to be implemented for those completing MBBS.


Q1) What is the Dental Council of India?

The Dental Council of India (DCI) is a statutory body established under the Dentists Act, 1948. It is responsible for regulating the dental profession in India. The DCI is headquartered in New Delhi.

Source: Govt introduces National Dental Commission Bill in Lok Sabha