National Investigation Agency (NIA)

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Union Home and Cooperation Minister recently said that National Investigation Agency (NIA) agency to have offices in all states by 2024.

About National Investigation Agency (NIA):

  • National Investigation Agency (NIA) is the Central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency of India.
  • Parent agency:Union Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Establishment:NIA was created after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks with the enactment of the National Investigation Agency Act 2008.
  • Jurisdiction:
    • The agency is empowered to deal with terror related crimes across states without special permission from the states.
    • A State Government may request the Central Government to hand over the investigation of a case to the NIA, provided the case has been registered for the offences as contained in the schedule to the NIA Act.
  • NIA special courts:
    • Various Special Courts have been notified by the Govt. of India for trial of the cases arising out of offences committed in various states of the Union.
    • These are presided over by a judge appointed by the Central Government on the recommendation of the Chief Justice of the High Court with jurisdiction in that region.
  • Offices: 
    • It is headquartered in Delhi.
    • Branches: Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kochi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Kolkata, Raipur, Jammu, Chandigarh, Ranchi, Chennai and Imphal.


Source : All India Radio