National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR)

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Mains GS-III: Disaster Management
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About the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR):

  • It was established by the Indian government in 2013 to bring together all segments of the disaster risk community in India, including government officials, parliamentarians, mayors, the media, international agencies, non-governmental organisations, representatives from local communities, scientific and academic institutions, and corporate businesses, among others.
  • The theme of this year’s session: “Building Local Resilience in a Changing Climate
  • Functions: It facilitates the exchange of experiences, views, and ideas, presents the results of research and action, and explores the possibility of cooperating across continents.
  • As a result of this platform, National Action Plans on Disaster Risk Reduction will have a strategic direction and an action plan.
  • Organisational Structure: The Union Home Minister chairs the NPDRR, which is also headed by the Minister of State in charge of Disaster Management in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Vice-Chairman of, the National Disaster Management Authority.
  • In the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Special Secretary/Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary responsible for the Disaster Management Division acts as the convener of NPDRR.


Q1) What is a disaster?

Disasters are serious disruptions to the functioning of a community that exceeds its capacity to cope using its resources. Disasters can be caused by natural, man-made and technological hazards.

Source: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to inaugurate 3rd Session of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 10th March, 2023