Neora Valley National Park

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Recently, the fresh image of a Royal Bengal Tiger, taken via trap cameras at the Neora Valley National Park in the hills of West Bengal, has confirmed the presence of the big cats at an altitude of 10,509 feet above sea level.

About Neora Valley National Park

  • It is located in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal.
  • It is one of the richest biological zones in the entire Northeast.
  • Boundaries
    • It is contiguous with Sikkim and Bhutan at its northern and north-eastern boundaries respectively and links the Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary in Sikkim and the Toorsa Strict Reserve of Bhutan.
    • The southern boundaries of the Park are adjoining to the forests of Jalpaiguri district which have connectivity with the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and the Gorumara National Park.
  • The highest point of the park is Rachela Pass.
  • It consists of the characteristics of all the three sub-regions, namely Himalayan Montane System, Indian Peninsular Sub-region and the Malayan sub-region.
  • Four habitat types are recognised viz. Subtropical Mixed Broadleaf Forest, Lower Temperate Evergreen Forest,Upper Temperate Mixed Broadleaf Forest and Rhododendron Forest.
  • Vegetation: Dry Mixed Forest, Wet Mixed Forest, Lauraceous Forest, Bak-Oak Forest, High level oak Forest, Coniferous Forest and Himalayas Moist Temperate Forest.
  • Flora: The forests consist of mixed species like rhododendron , bamboo, oak, ferns, sal etc.
  • Fauna: Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Black Bear, Sambar, Barking Deer, Serow, Goral, Dhole and Gaur etc.

Q1) What are Rhododendrons?

It is a genus of flowering plants that includes over a thousand species, including trees, shrubs, and creepers. These are a diverse genus of about 1,000 species of woody flowering plants in the heath family (Ericaceae), notable for their attractive flowers and handsome foliage. They occur in a variety of habitats, including alpine regions, coniferous and broadleaved woodlands, temperate rain forests, and even tropical

Source: Royal Bengal Tigers spotted at 10,509 feet in Neora Valley National Park, confirming unique habitat