New Frog Species

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Recently, scientists have discovered a new species of frog in Arunachal, named Nidirana noadihing.

About New Frog Species

  • It is a new species of 'music frog' which is named as Nidirana noadihing.
  • The new frog of the genus Nidirana, is phenotypically distinct from its congeners by a combination of morphological characters
  • It is confirmed for the first time that the Nidirana genus has been found in India.
  • The Nidirana species are known in Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.
  • Nidirana are known to inhabit swamps, ponds and paddy fields, and they often construct nests to lay their eggs.
  • The new species was named after the Noa-Dihing River, which is near where the specimens were discovered and collected.
  • Appearance: The amphibians have "irregular shaped and sized spots" on their eyelids and they have dark stripes around their moderately large eyes. Their pupils are gold-rimmed. Their irises are dark brown and have a golden spackle.

Q1) What is Amphibian?

It is any member of the group of vertebrate animals characterized by their ability to exploit both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. The name amphibian, derived from the Greek amphibios meaning “living a double life,” reflects this dual life strategy

Source: Scientists discover new species of 'music frog' in Arunachal