New System to Identify Scam/Fraud Calls

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Department of Telecom (DoT) recently introduced a new tool to identify genuine calls from those made by fraudsters.

About New System to Identify Scam/Fraud Calls:

  • Dedicated Phone Number Series: The DoT has allocated a dedicated 10-digit numbering series starting with 160 for service and transactional calls made by the government, regulators, and financial entities.
  • These 10-digit numbers will include additional information to help you recognize the caller.
  • The 10-digit number series has been designed by the DoT in such a manner that citizens will get an idea about calling entities as well as the telecom operator and the place from where it has originated.
  • This new system aims to give you more information about incoming calls, empowering you to identify potential scams.
  • Incoming calls from banks, government departments to display 160 Prefix:
    • The 10-digit number will have a 160 prefix and will be issued in 1600ABCXXX format for government, financial institutions, and telecom regulators.
  • The AB will show the code of the telecom circle, like 11 for Delhi and 22 for Mumbai.
  • While the digit at C place will show the code of the telecom operator.
  • The XXX will be digits between 000-999.
  • Numbers for financial institutions to be issued in 1601ABCXXX format:
  • Verification and Transparency:
    • Telecom service providers (TSPs) are responsiblefor verifying each entityrequesting a 160 series number.

They will also obtain a commitment that the number will only be used for legitimate service and transactional calls.

Q1: What is a Telecom service provider (TSP)?

A TSP is a type of communications service provider that has traditionally provided telephone and similar services. This category includes incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, and mobile wireless communication companies.

Source: Telecom Ministry Introduces New System To Identify Scam/Fraud Calls; Here's How It Works