What is the Nobel Foundation?

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The Nobel Foundation recently withdrew its invitation for representatives of Russia, Belarus and Iran to attend this year’s Nobel Prize award ceremonies.

About Nobel Foundation:

  • The Nobel Foundation is a private institution established in 1900 based on the will of Alfred Nobel.
  • The Foundation manages the assets made available through the will for the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace. 
  • It represents the Nobel Institutions externally and administers informational activities and arrangements surrounding the presentation of the Nobel Prize. 
  • The Foundation also administers the Nobel Symposium Program.
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Organizational Structure:
    • The assets of the Foundation are managed by the board of directors.
    • It consists of seven members and two deputies who are either Swedish or Norwegian.


Key Facts about Nobel Prize:

  • The Nobel Prizes are prestigious international awards presented annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to various fields.
  • Recipients can be both individuals and organisation. 
  • They were established in accordance with the will of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor, engineer, scientist, and philanthropist who left the majority of his fortune to fund these prizes.
  • They were first awarded in 1901 and have been awarded annually ever since.
  • Categories:
    • There are six Nobel Prize categories: Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (commonly referred to as the Nobel Prize in Economics).
    • Each prize is awarded by a separate Nobel Prize-awarding institution based in Sweden or Norway, except for the Peace Prize, which is awarded in Oslo, Norway.
  • Selection Process: Recipients are selected by various committees based at institutions in Sweden and, in the case of the Peace Prize, a committee appointed by the Norwegian parliament.
  • Ceremony:
    • The Nobel Prizes are traditionally awarded on December 10th each year, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death.
    • The award ceremonies take place in Stockholm, Sweden, for all prizes except the Peace Prize, which is awarded in Oslo, Norway.
  • Nobel Medals and Diplomas: Each laureate receives a gold medal, an individualised diploma and a sum of money.


Q1) Who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2023?

The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three organizations:

  • Ales Bialiatski, a Belarusian human rights activist and political prisoner.
  • Memorial, a Russian human rights organization that was shut down by the Russian government in 2021.
  • Center for Civil Liberties, a Ukrainian human rights organization that promotes democracy and civil society.

Source: Nobel Foundation withdraws Russia, Belarus and Iran's invite to prize ceremony