Norman E Borlaug Award

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Indian agriculture scientist Swati Nayak won the prestigious Norman E Borlaug Award for 2023.

About Norman E Borlaug Award:

  • The award recognizes exceptional scientists under 40 and someone who works in the field of food and nutrition security and hunger eradication.
  • It is given in memory of the Nobel awardee and Green Revolution's chief architect Dr Norman Borlaug.
  • The award will honor an individual who is working closely and directly “in the field” or at the production or processing level with farmersanimal herders, fishers or others in rural communities, in any discipline or enterprise across the entire food production, processing, and distribution chain.
  • The award diploma incorporates the image of Dr. Borlaug at work in the fields of Mexico and cash prize of$10,000
  • It is endowed by The Rockefeller Foundation, will be presented every October in Des Moines, Iowa, by the World Food Prize Foundation.
  • Other Indian recipients: Aditi Mukherji (2012) and Mahalingam Govindaraj (2022).


Contributions of Swati Nayak

  • She introduced Sahbhagi Dhan’, a drought-tolerant variety rice suitable for hilly uplands, and ‘BINA Dhan-11’, which is flood-tolerant.
  • BINA-Dhan-11’, which contains a submergence-tolerant Sub1 gene identified from an indigenous land race of Odisha.
  • The Sub1 gene has been incorporated into many existing popular high-yielding varieties such as ‘Samba Mahsuri’, ‘Swarna’ and ‘Ranjit’.
  • There are, likewise, other drought-tolerant varieties such as ‘DRR Dhan 42’ and ‘DRR Dhan 44’.


Q1) What is the World Food Prize Foundation?

The World Food Prize Foundation is an international organization that is dedicated to recognizing and promoting individuals and institutions that have made significant contributions to improving the quality, quantity, and availability of food around the world. The organization is best known for awarding the World Food Prize, often referred to as the "Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture."

Source: Bihana Didi wins Borlaug Award for introducing drought-tolerant rice in Odisha.