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The National Medical Commission (NMC) is all set to launch its “one nation, one registration platform’‘for doctors across India.

About One nation one registration platform

  • The NMC will unveil a patch pilot of the National Medical Register (NMR) in the next six months where doctors will be allotted a unique identification number.
  • Doctors can also apply for their licence to work in any State depending on where they are.
  • The commission had earlier this year issued a gazette notification titled “Registration of Medical Practitioners and Licence to Practice Medicine Regulations, 2023”
  • The idea is to provide a masked ID to undergraduate students on the NMR and depending on when they complete their course the ID is unmasked and allotted.
  • This ID can be used to update any further qualification and all State registers for licence to work in any part of the country will be linked here 
  • Aim: To eliminate duplication, red tape and allow the public to access information on any physician working in India.

Key facts about National Medical Commission:

  • It has been constituted by an act of Parliament known as National Medical Commission Act, 2019.
  • It has replaced the Medical Council of India (MCI), constituted under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956).
  • Functions:
    • It regulates medical education and medical professionals.
    • It grants recognition of medical qualifications, gives accreditation to medical schools, grants registration to medical practitioners, monitors medical practice and assesses the medical infrastructure in India.
  • Organisational structure
    • It consists of 33 members including Chairman (medical professionals only), 10 ex-officio members and 22 part time members.
    • Medical Advisory Council: It provides the platform through which the states or UTs can put forth their views and concerns before the NMC and advises the NMC on measures to determine and maintain minimum standards of medical education.
  • Headquarters: New Delhi

Q1) What is Hippocratic Oath?

It is a historical document that is often associated with the ethical principles and guidelines that physicians and medical professionals should follow. While it is not legally binding, it has had a significant influence on medical ethics and the practice of medicine throughout history.

Source: NMC to launch ‘one nation, one registration platform’ for doctors