One Station One Product

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Under the One Station One Product’ (OSOP) scheme of Indian Railways, 728 stations are covered with 785 OSOP outlets in 21 States and 3 Union Territories across the country so far.

 About One Station One Product:

  • Ministry of Railways launched this scheme in March, 2022.
  • The objective is to promote ‘Vocal for Local’ vision of the government, providing a market for local or indigenous products and create additional income opportunities for the marginalized sections of society.
  • Under the scheme, OSOP outlets at railway stations are allotted for showcasing, selling and giving high visibility to indigenous or local products.
  • These OSOP stalls are designed through National Design Institute for uniformity.


Q1) What is Mission Amanat of Indian Railways?

Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) We shall: Protect and safeguard railway passengers, passenger area and railway property. Ensure the safety, security and boost the confidence of the traveling public in the Indian Railways.

Source: 728 Railway Stations across States and UTs covered under One Station One Product