Operation Dhvast

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Under Operation Dhvast, National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently arrested three in multi-state raids.


  • The massive crackdown — codenamed ‘Operation Dhvast’ — had seen simultaneous, day-long raids by NIA, Punjab police and Haryana Police at 324 locations across Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan etc.
  • The NIA has arrested three persons in connection with the multi-state raids conducted on in three cases relating to the nexus among terrorists, gangsters and drug dealers.
  • The nexus has been linked to targeted killings, extortion and terror funding of pro-Khalistan outfits with earnings from smuggling of drugs and weapons.
  • NIA investigations have so far revealed that conspiracies were being hatched in jails of different states and executed by an organized network of operatives based abroad.


Q1) What are the methods of terror funding?

It may involve funds raised from legitimate sources such as personal donations and profits from businesses and charitable organisations, as well as from criminal sources such as, drug trafficking, fraud, smuggling of weapons and other goods, kidnapping and extortion.

Source: Operation Dhvast: NIA arrests three in multi-state raids