Open Radio Access Network

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The ministry of science and technology announced the development of a new technological solution tailored for Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) based stations.

About Open Radio Access Network

  • It is a key part of a mobile network system that uses cellular radio connections to link individual devices to other parts of a network. 
  • It comprises antennae, which transmits and receives signals to and from our smartphones or other compatible devices.
  • The signal is then digitised in the RAN-base station and connected to the network.
  • ORAN base station
    • ORAN base station solutions represent a pivotal element in the evolution of telecommunications infrastructure.
    • This innovation aims to deliver high-speed and dependable connectivity at a feasible cost, particularly targeting underserved and remote regions, as per a recent press release.
    • Its focus lies in creating efficient wireless communication technology for 5G and 5G-advanced radio networks, ensuring spectral and energy efficiency.
  • Significance
    • A new niche technological solution for Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) base stations will help to facilitate high-speed and reliable connectivity at a cost that is viable for unconnected and far-flung areas.
    • It provides access to different components of the network infrastructure making it easier, efficient and more economically viable to provide internet in remote areas.
    • The breaking down of the Radio Access Network (RAN) functions help in bringing down network cost and complexity.
    • Open RAN removes vendor lock-in and can facilitate smooth interoperation between cellular network equipment provided by different vendors.
  • COMET, one of the 25 Technology Innovation Hubs (TIH) set up under the National Mission for Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) for enhancing the nation's capabilities in Advanced Communication Systems.
  • The ORAN base station radio unit developed at IIT Hyderabad (IITH) introduced a revolutionary ORAN technology harnessing a multitude of antennas on cell towers.

Q1) What is the objective of the National Mission in Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems?

It is a comprehensive mission to address technology development, application development, human resource development & skill enhancement, entrepreneurship and start-up development in CPS and associated technologies.

Source: New niche base station solutions by TIH to realise government vision of affordable connectivity for all