Order of the Nile Award

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Recently, the Egyptian President conferred the country’s highest state honour “Order of the Nile” award to the Prime Minister of India.

About the Order of the Nile Award

  • It is Egypt’s highest state honour.
  • Instituted in 1915, the ‘Order of the Nile’ is conferred upon Heads of state, Crown Princes, and Vice-Presidents who offer Egypt or humanity invaluable services.
  • The ‘Order of the Nile’ is a pure gold collar consisting of three-square gold units comprising Pharaonic symbols.
  • The first unit resembles the idea of protecting the state against evils, the second one resembles prosperity and happiness brought by the Nile and the third one refers to wealth and endurance.
  • The three units are connected by a circular gold flower decorated with turquoise and ruby.
  • Hanging from the collar is a hexagonal pendant decorated with flowers of the Pharaonic style, and turquoise and ruby gems.
  • In the middle of the pendant, there is a protruding symbol representing the Nile that brings together the North (represented by the Papyrus) and the South (represented by the Lotus).
  • Those who receive the 'Order of the Nile' shall be saluted upon their death.


Q) What is the significance of Nile River?

The Nile River has immense significance for Egypt. It is often referred to as the "lifeblood of Egypt" because it sustains the country's agriculture, economy, and population. The river provides fertile land through its annual flood, allowing for agricultural productivity and the growth of ancient civilizations.

Source: Egyptian President El-Sisi confers PM Narendra Modi with ‘Order of the Nile’ award