Orunodoi Scheme

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Prelims: Government Schemes
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About Orunodoi Scheme:

  • It is a scheme of the Government of Assam launched on 2nd October 2020.
  • Under ‘Orunodoi’, monetary benefits have been envisaged for more than 24 lac poor household in the state.
  • Government of Assam will provide monthly financial assistance to the eligible beneficiaries for procuring medicines, pulses, and sugar.
  • The schematic benefit has been enhanced from 830/- to Rs. 1000/ Women.
  • Women being the primary caretakers of the family are kept as beneficiaries of the scheme.
  • ‘Orunodoi’ scheme will provide Financial Assistance of Rs. 1000 per month through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme.
  • The financial outlay for Orunodoi is ₹4,142 crore per annum.


Beneficiaries of Orunodoi Scheme:

  • The preliminary selection of the beneficiaries will be done at the level of Gaon Panchayat (GP) Village Council Development Committee (VCDC) Urban Local Body (ULB) based on eligibility/ineligibility conditions.


Q1) What is the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme?

In January 2013, The Government of India, introduced the Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT scheme to streamline the transfer of government-provided subsidies in India with the aim to transfer subsidy benefits from various Indian welfare schemes directly into the beneficiaries' aadhar linked bank accounts.

Source: The Hindu