One Sun, One World, One Grid (OSOWOG) Initiative

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A day-long conference on "Transnational Grid Interconnections for One Sun, One World, One Grid (OSOWOG)" was recently held in New Delhi.

About One Sun, One World, One Grid (OSOWOG) Initiative:

  • The idea for the OSOWOG initiative was put forth by the Prime Minister of India, at the First Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) in October 2018.
  • The initiative aims at connecting energy supply across borders.
  • Vision: It aims to connect different regional grids through a common grid that will be used to transfer renewable energy power and, thus, realize the potential of renewable energy sources, especially solar energy.
  • The project is being spearheaded by the governments of India and the UK in partnership with the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the World Bank Group.
  • It will bring together a global coalition of national governments, international financial and technical organisations, legislators, power system operators and knowledge leaders to accelerate the construction of the of the new infrastructure needed for a world powered by clean energy.
  • When will it be completed?  The grid is expected to be set up over the next few years by the ISA. Once operational, it will transport solar power to different countries.


What is International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

  • The ISA is an intergovernmental organization that was launched in 2015, by the Prime Minister of India and the President of Franceat the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris. 
  • ISA is an action-oriented, member-driven, collaborative platform for increased deployment of solar energy technologies.
  • The ISA is guided by its ‘Towards 1000’ strategy, which aims: 
    • To mobilize USD 1000 billion of investments in solar energy solutions by 2030;
    • To deliver energy access to 1000 million people using clean energy solutions;
    • To install 1000 GW of solar energy capacity;
    • To mitigate global solar emissions to the tune of 1000 million tonnes of CO2 every year;
  • Vision: Let us together make the sun brighter.
  • Mission: Every home, no matter how far away, will have a light at home.
  • HeadquarterNational Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) in Gurugram, India.


Q1) What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy or green energy, is energy that is derived from natural resources that are constantly replenished and do not deplete when used. Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite and contribute to environmental pollution and climate change, renewable energy sources are sustainable and have a significantly lower environmental impact. 

Source: Conference on Transnational Grid Interconnections for One Sun, One World, One Grid held in New Delhi