PALM 400 Drones

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The Indian army has recently tested the prototype version of the PALM-400 drones successfully.

About PALM 400 Drones:

  • The PALM 400 - acronym for 'Precision Attack Loitering Munition' is a long-range, high-precision loitering munition system.
  • It is the result of a joint venture between AVision Systems (Israel), UVision Air Ltd, and Aditya Precitech Private Ltd (APPL).
  • It is built to fly over areas where armored vehicles are concentrated or are anticipated.
  • Each PALM 400 selects its targets when armored vehicles enter the kill zone and launch an armor-piercing projectile, penetrating it from the top where there is least protection.
  • Features of PALM 400 Drones:
    • It can be discharged from a canister and fly 3000-4000 feet above a kill zone for up to 120 minutes.
    • It has a range of more than 100 km and travels at a speed of 50 to 140 knots (90 to 260 km/h).
    • It uses electro-optical/infrared stabilized cameras to detect and engage targets both during the day and at night.
    • It uses complex navigational techniques that enable it to function even in environments where the GPS has been disabled.
    • It can loiter above a target in stealth mode, collect information, and immediately strike at time-sensitive threats. 


Q1) What is a loitering munition?

Loitering munitions are autonomous missiles that can stay airborne for some time, identify a target, and then attack. They were first developed as a specialized weapon to target anti-aircraft systems in the 1980s and now exist as an alternative to everything from airstrikes to mortar rounds or grenade tosses.

Source: Indian army’s new attack system PALM 400 to be a game changer