Key Facts about Panchagnaga River

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The Panchaganga river water level has been rising and would likely cross warning level of 39 feet soon.

About Panchagnaga River:

  • It is an ancient river and a tributary of the Krishna River. 
  • It emerges from the Sahyadri mountain ranges of Maharashtra.
  • The river originates from Prayag Sangam. The birthplace of this river is called Chikhlee Taluka, a small village in the district of Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
  • The Five Rivers; the Kasari, the Kumbhi, the Tulsi, the Bhogawati, and the Saraswati convene at the Prayag Sangam to form Panchaganga. 
  • The river concludes into the Krishna River at Kurundvad, Maharashtra.
  • The valley of the Panchaganga River is very fertile, and its sloping banks yield rich crops during the winter season. 
  • The Panchgnaga and its feeders are fordable in the hot season.
  • Since the last decade, its pollution level is increasing fast. The pollution of the Panchaganga River is due to the disposal of untreated municipal sewage from the Kolhapur town. 

Q1: Which are the major tributaries of the Krishna River?

The principal tributaries joining Krishna are the Ghataprabha, the Malaprabha, the Bhima, the Tungabhadra and the Musi.