Pandavula Gutta

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Recently, Pandavula Gutta has been officially recognised as the sole Geo-heritage site in Telangana.

About Pandavula Gutta

  • It is a geological marvel older than the Himalayan hills.
  • It is located in Jayashankar Bhupalpally district in Telangana is home to many prehistoric habitation sites.
  • This site was first discovered in the year 1990.
  • It is rich in terms of number of paintings, rock shelters and its habitation, right from the mesolithic to medieval times.
  • The paintings feature geometrical designs and impressions in green, red, yellow and white pigment colours.
  • These cave paintings offer a rare glimpse into the prehistoric man’s rock art identified on walls and ceilings of caves, rock shelters and isolated boulders.
  • The rock art paintings depict wild life like Bison, Antelope, Tiger, Leopard etc. Other shapes like swastika symbol, circles and squares, weapons such as bows, arrows, sword and lancer etc are present in these paintings.

What is a Geo-heritage site?

  • “Geoheritage” is a generic but descriptive term applied to sites or areas of geologic features with significant scientific, educational, cultural, or aesthetic value.
    • Scientifically and educationally significant geoheritage sites include those with textbook geologic features and landscapes, distinctive rock or mineral types, unique or unusual fossils, or other geologic characteristics that are significant to education and research. 
    • Culturally significant geoheritage sites are places where geologic features or landscapes played a role in cultural or historical events. 
    • Aesthetically significant geoheritage sites include landscapes that are visually appealing because of their geologic features or processes. Many geoheritage sites can be tourist destinations and provide local and regional economic benefits.”(Geological Society of America).

Q1) What are Petroglyphs?

These are rock carvings (rock paintings are called pictographs) made by pecking directly on the rock surface using a stone chisel and a hammerstone.

Source: Pandavula Gutta designated exclusive Geo-heritage site in Telangana