What is Panneer Thiratchai?

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Cumbum valley—grapes city of south India contributes up to 85% of panneer thiratchai production in the country.

About Panneer Thiratchai

  • It is a grape variety mainly cultivated in the Cumbum valley of Tamil Nadu. A unique factor about ‘panneer’ grapes is that, these are harvested all through the year as against only during January and April in the rest of India.
  • It is extremely popular among farmers because of quick growth and early maturity.
  • The grapes grown are suitable for making wine, spirit, jams, canned grape juice and raisins.
  • It received the Geographical Indication Tag in 2023.
  • These grapes are rich in vitamins, tartaric acid and antioxidants and reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. They are also known for a superior taste apart from the purplish-brown colour.

Key facts about the Cumbum valley

  • It is located at the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu is known as the ‘Grapes city of South India’ and cultivates the Panneer Thratchai.
  • This variety which is also known as Muscat Hamburg constitutes almost 85% of the grape-growing areas in Tamil Nadu.

Q1) What are antioxidants?

These are man-made or natural substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. Antioxidants are found in many foods, including fruits and vegetables. They are also available as dietary supplements. 

Source: Panneer Thiratchai: A sweet treat from Cumbum that is available throughout the year