Pasmanda Muslims

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Uttar Pradesh BJP organised a first-of-its-kind meeting of Pasmanda Muslims in Lucknow recently.

About Pasmanda Muslims:

  • Pasmanda is a Persian word that means the ‘ones left behind’.
  • The word is used to describe the depressed classes among Muslims who have been deliberately or consciously excluded from the fruits of power and privilege.
  • Backward, Dalit, and tribal Muslims use the word Pasmanda as an umbrella identity to flag caste-based discrimination within the community.
  • The term ‘Pasmanda Muslims’ was first used in 1998 by Ali Anwar Ansari when he founded the Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz.
  • Muslim society in India consists of several status groups or biradaris that are broadly sorted in three categories: the Ashrafs (the ‘noble’ elite or the ‘honourable ones’), the Ajlafs (backward Muslims), and the Arzals (Dalit Muslims).


Source : Indian Express