Patan Patola scarf

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Recently, PM Narendra Modi gifted 'Patan Patola Dupatta' (scarf) to Italian PM Giorgia Meloni.

About Patan Patola scarf:

  • The ancient art of double ikat or Patola woven in pure silk dates back to the 11th century. The Patola fabrics bear an equal intensity of colours and design on both sides.
  • This peculiar quality has its origins in an intricate and difficult technique of dyeing or knot dyeing, known as ‘bandhani’, on the warp and weft separately before weaving.
  • One of the major practitioners of the dwindling art form is the Salvi family from North Gujarat.
  • The weaving process: Patola is woven on primitive hand-operated harness looms made out of rosewood and bamboo strips. The loom lies on a slant. The other commonly worn Patola is the Rajkot Patola, woven on a flat loom.
  • Price: The base price of a Patola saree in the Patan weave starts from Rs 1.5 lakh up and can go up to Rs 6 lakh.


Source : Indian Express