Peregrine Falcon

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Project Raptor Watch (PRW) of the Madras Naturalist’s Society, who have been tracking peregrines in Chennai for two years and aims to document, study and monitor raptor species in few districts of Tamil Nadu.

About Peregrine Falcon:

  • The Peregrine Falcon is one of the most widespread birds in the world.
  • Distribution: It is found on all continents except Antarctica, and on many oceanic islands.
  • Habitat:
    • They prefer open habitats, such as grasslands, tundra, and meadows.
    • They are most common in tundra and coastal areas and rare in sub-tropical and tropical habitats. They nest on cliff faces and crevices.
  • They are active during the day. When not breeding they are primarily solitary and establish and defend territories.
  • Ecological role: They are high level predators, peregrine falcons play an important role in regulating populations of their prey, particularly pigeons and doves.
  • Conservation status

IUCN Red List status: Least Concern.

Q1: What is the Tundra Ecosystem?

Tundra ecosystems are treeless regions found in the Arctic and on the tops of mountains, where the climate is cold and windy, and rainfall is scant.

Source: Peregrines in a skyscraper