Prasthan Exercise

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The Indian Navy recently conducted the Prasthan exercise in the offshore development area off Mumbai.

About Prasthan Exercise:

  • The exercise is held every six months under the aegis of the Indian Navy and involves the participation of all stakeholders in the maritime domain.
  • This exercise is an important element of ensuring offshore security and aims to integrate the efforts of all maritime stakeholders involved in offshore defence.
  • The recent exercise aims to validate measures and procedures to address contingencies that may occur in oil production platforms.
  • It was conducted on the Greatdrill Chaaya platform, about 30 nm South West of Mumbai Harbour.
  • The exercise saw actions to counter contingencies such as a fire in the oil platform, a man overboard, an oil spill in the area, helicopter emergencies, a hazardous gas leak, assisting a disabled vessel in the offshore area and medical evacuation of the platform crew.
  • A number of ships and helicopters from the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Indian Coast Guard, ONGC and Directorate General of Shipping were deployed for the exercise.
  • Personnel from Maharashtra Police, Customs, Fisheries Department, Mumbai Port Authority, JN Port Authority and other concerned state and central civilian agencies also participated in it.


Q1) What is the Directorate General of Shipping?

The Directorate General of Shipping, India deals with implementation of shipping policy and legislation so as to ensure the safety of life and ships at sea, prevention of marine pollution, promotion of maritime education and training in co-ordination with the International Maritime Organization, regulation of employment and welfare of seamen, development of coastal shipping, augmentation of shipping tonnage, examination and certification of Merchant Navy Officers, Supervision and Control of the allied offices under its administrative jurisdiction.

Source: Indian Navy conducts offshore security exercise 'Prasthan' in Mumbai