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Recently, the Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India has launched ‘Prerana: An Experiential Learning program’.

About PRERANA program

  • It aims to offer a meaningful, unique, and inspiring experience to all participants, thereby empowering them with leadership qualities.
  • It is driven by a strong commitment to integrate principles of the Indian education system and the philosophy of value-based education which is a cornerstone of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.
  • It is a week-long residential program for selected students of class IX to XII.
  • A batch of 20 selected students (10 boys and 10 girls) will attend the program, every week from various parts of the country.
  • It will run from a Vernacular School, established in 1888, in one of the oldest living cities of India, Vadnagar, district Mehsana, Gujarat.
  • The curriculum of Prerana School prepared by IIT Gandhi Nagar is rooted in nine value based themes: Swabhiman and Vinay, Shaurya and Sahas, Parishram and Samarpan, Karuna and Sewa, Vividhta and Ekta, Satyanishtha and Shuchita, Navachar and Jigyasa, Shraddha aur Vishwas, and Swatantrata and Kartavya.
  • The day-wise program schedule will feature yoga, mindfulness, and meditation sessions, followed by experiential learning, thematic sessions, and hands-on interesting learning activities.
  • Evening activities will include visits to ancient and heritage sites, inspirational film screenings, mission life creative activities, talent shows etc. ensuring a holistic learning approach.
  • Apart from this, students will engage in diverse activities, embracing indigenous knowledge systems, latest State-of-Art technologies, and learning from inspirational personalities.
  • Selection procedure:
    • Students can register through the portal, wherein applicants can fill the requisite details.
    • The registered applicants will go through a selection process, as prescribed on the portal.
    • Applicants can also join the selection procedure conducted at the School/block level, on designated ‘Prerana Utsav’ day, through various activities.

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Source: Ministry of Education launches PRERANA program