What is the President’s Colours Award?

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The Chief of Army Staff recently presented the prestigious ‘President’s Colours’ to the Third Battalion of the Naga Regiment.

About President’s Colours Award

  • It is the highest honour that can be awarded to any military unit, military training establishments, or state/UT Police Forces of India.
  • It is bestowed upon a military unit in recognition of exceptional service rendered to the nation, both in peace and in war.
  • It is also known as “Rashtrapati ka Nishaan” in Hindi.
  • History:
    • The tradition began under colonial rule,  but on November 23, 1950, the ‘king’s colour’ of the erstwhile British Indian regiments was laid to rest in Chetwode Hall, Dehradun, to make way for the ‘colours’ of the President of the Republic of India.
    • The Indian Navy was the first Indian Armed Force to be awarded the President Colour by Dr. Rajendra Prasad on May 27, 1951. 
  • Award:
    • It is a type of special flag, also known as ‘Nishaan’which is awarded to a military unit in an organised ceremony
    • The flag consists of a golden border in the middle and the insignia of a respective military unit, training establishments, and police forces in the centre.
    • Sometimes, it may also contain the mottoimportant achievements, and battle participation of those military units to which the award is bestowed.
    • During any ceremonial parade, the President’s Colour, i.e., the special flag of a military unit, is kept in a special position, and soilders often march with the President’s Colour on important dates, like their establishment anniversary.


Q1) What is the Naga Regiment of the Indian Army?

The Naga Regiment is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army. It is among the youngest regiments of the Indian Army – the first battalion was raised in Ranikhet in 1970. The regiment recruits mainly from Nagaland, in northeast India.

Source: 3 Naga, youngest Naga battalion, gets President’s Colour