What is Project Seabird?

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The Defence Minister will inaugurate two big piers and seven towers with 320 homes for Navy officers and Defence civilians as part of Project Seabird at Naval Base Karwar in Karnataka.

About Project Seabird

  • The largest naval infrastructure project for India, it involves creation of a naval base at Karwar, Karnataka, on the west coast of India. 
  • History:
    • In the post-Indo-Pak War of 1971 scenario, India learned that the Indian Navy needs an additional naval base since Mumbai Harbour faced congestion, which led to security issues for its Western Fleet. 
    • The project was originally conceived by Admiral OS Dawson, the Chief of Naval Staff, in the early 1980s.
    • It was initially sanctioned in 1985, and the foundation stone was laid on October 24, 1986, by Rajiv Gandhi.
  • This is a massive project spread over around 11,000 acres of land. With the first sealift facility in the country and a transfer system for docking and undocking ships and submarines.
  • Its first phase, which included the construction of a deep-sea harbour, breakwaters dredging, a township, a naval hospital, a dockyard uplift centre and a ship lift, was commissioned in 2005.
  • The development of phase 2 of INS Kadamba commenced in 2011.
    • This phase is further divided into 2A and 2B. It was planned to expand the facilities to dock additional warships and a new Naval Air Station, among other projects. 
  • Once completed, it will be the largest naval base in the Eastern Hemisphere.
  • It will be able to accommodate around 32 warships, 23 submarines, and hangers for several aircraft.

Q1) What are submarines?

A submarine is a vessel, or ship, that can go underwater. Submarines are called subs for short. Militaries and scientists use submarines to travel deep under the ocean. Militaries use submarines to patrol ocean waters and to attack enemy ships during wartime. Military submarines are usually very large. They may carry more than 100 people. They also carry such weapons as missiles and torpedoes.

Source: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Inaugurate Key Infrastructure at Naval Base Karwar for Project Seabird Expansion