What is the PSiFI System?

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In a significant technological breakthrough, scientists recently unveiled a pioneering technology, named PSiFI, capable of recognizing human emotions in real-time.

About PSiFI System

  • The system, known as the personalized skin-integrated facial interface (PSiFI), features a first-of-its-kind bidirectional triboelectric strain and vibration sensor that enables the simultaneous sensing and integration of verbal and non-verbal expression data.
  • The PSiFI system is self-powered, facile, stretchable, and transparent.
  • Coupled with a sophisticated data processing circuit, the system facilitates seamless wireless data transfer, enabling the instantaneous recognition of emotions.
  • Empowered by machine learning algorithms, the technology showcases remarkable efficiency in recognizing human emotions accurately and promptly, even in scenarios where individuals wear masks.
  • Its practical application has already been demonstrated in a digital concierge service within a virtual reality (VR) environment, where customised services based on users’ emotions were provided.
  • Science behind the PSiFI technology:
    • The technology is based on the phenomenon of "friction charging," where objects separate into positive and negative charges upon friction.
    • Notably, the system is self-generating, requiring no external power source or complex measuring devices for data recognition.
  • This innovative technology is poised to revolutionize various industries, including next-generation wearable systems that provide services based on emotions.

Q1) What is virtual reality (VR)?

It is a simulated 3D environment that enables users to explore and interact with virtual surroundings in a way that approximates reality as it is perceived through the users' senses. The environment is created with computer hardware and software, and the users need to wear devices such as helmets or goggles (Virtual Reality headsets for helmets) to interact with the environment.

Source: Wearable "PSiFI" AI tech device interprets emotions of any human nearby