Pulikulam Cattle breed

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Interest in indigenous cattle breeds like the Pulikulam is reviving which is famous for a local game called Jalikattu in TamilNadu.

About Pulikulam Cattle breed

  • It is a popular draught and game breed of Tamil Nadu.
  • The cattle originated from Pulikulam, a village located in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu.
  • It is also known as Palingu maadu, Mani maadu, Jallikattu maadu, Mattu maadu and Kilakattu maadu.
  • These are maintained as migratory herds, and its draught and manure capabilities play a significant role in the rural livelihood of the communities rearing them for draught and organic agricultural production.
  • This breed of cattle is famous for a local game called Jalikattu where bulls are used as a bull-taming sport.
  • It is commonly seen in Salem and Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu and part of Bangalore district of Karnataka.
  • Pulikulam / Alambadi bulls are dark grey, almost black and cows grey or white.

Other cattle breeds of India

  • India has three kinds of cattle.
  • There are milch animals in northern India. Middle India has dual purpose animals while southern India has the Mysuru-type animal, mostly used for draught purposes.
  • Maharashtra has the Killari, Karnataka has the Amrit Mahal and the Hallikar. 
  • Tamil Nadu: Pulikulam, Umbalachery, Kangayam Bargur and Alambadi.

Q1) What is Jallikattu?

It is also known as eru thazhuvuthal and mañcuvirattu. The bull-taming sport is popular in Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Theni, Pudukkottai and Dindigul districts — known as the Jallikattu belt. Jallikattu is celebrated in the second week of January, during the Tamil harvest festival, Pongal.

Source: Interest in indigenous cattle breeds like the Pulikulam is reviving: Karthikeya Sivasenapathy